The App Brokers and Realtors Use.

-Seattle – July 25, 2017 –

Your clicking around on one of the big search sites such as Zillow or Redfin, you find the perfect home! You look at the pictures for ten minutes, read some of the details and then send it to your spouse,  He/She gets excited about the property! THIS COULD BE IT! You both call your realtor and then comes the shock, your agent tells you that the property was sold or is already in contract, worst of all it was weeks ago.

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No one would blame you for screaming in frustration and throwing your phone across the street. However this problem is very common, the big sites are great and personally I use both of them to find FSBO and Rental properties to give my clients some extra inventory to look at. However they have very major flaws most notably the lag time between the MLS and the portals server! Thus leading to what I call cat-fish listings (I should trademark that). They also have some of the details but say you need to know what to the exact details of a homes past was as well? Those sites typically skimp on the details and leave you at the mercy of a agent that hopefully knows much about of the area or the property (sometimes they don’t).

However it dawned on me, so I gave my clients a version of the app I use, then I went further and said why not give everyone access to the app? Get up to the date listing information and a lot more details for them to get the whole picture! Your Information will not be sold or sent to ten different sources and feel free to reach out to your local expert for advice and guidance on your home search and purchase!

Happy Hunting!

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