First Time Home Buyer

So you saved enough and you think you have a handle on your finances but you still don’t know where to start.Buying a home for the first time is seriously an nerve wracking experience and gets even worse when you go it alone. Here are some tips to help you with your journey.

  1. Don’t go it alone, I see people all the time thinking I can just google it and figure it out from there. No, you most likely can’t. There is a reason a Realtor goes to school and has to pass a state exam, It’s a tough job and we know what we are doing and always have your best interest at heart, plus a bad review on zillow can ruin a reputation, so that’s why we focus so hard on getting you the best deal and making sure you know what’s going on!
  2. Financing, I see it all the time, people want to look at homes but have no idea where they are financially. For example the most popular type of loan is a FHA loan, however typically if you only put down the minimum your payments may actually be higher! Also the condition of a home may also determine what loan can be used!  And if someone is going to lend you a few hundred thousand dollars they are going to want to know your dirty laundry, unless you have cash start a plan to get ready for purchasing a home, or find an agent like me to tell you about some awesome state run down payment assistant programs or even no down payment options. of course these are if you qualify!
  3. Be Open, No house will be perfect. I wish it wasn’t true! It would make my job so much easier! but that’s the fun part of all this! You have to be reasonable with your expectations! I’ve had experience with million dollar homes that needed to be remodeled! If this house has the den, the kitchen and the bedrooms but has .5 less of a bathroom then you want, then consider it a project for you to enjoy building!
  4. Communication, Ask as many questions as you would like! We enjoy the conversation and will be in touch as much as we can, return the favor and if you are going on vacation a week before closing let us know….its kind of important!

These four things will go a long way in making your first purchase a lot smoother, Here are some resources to also look up.

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